Intellectual Property


  • Signs (trademarks, firms, business names, names, work titles)
  • Domains
  • Designs
  • Employee inventions
  • Unfair competition
  • Author rights
  • Copyright


Legal Advice

In this legal area the advice especially concerns:

  • Establishment of new projects
  • Lawfulness of advertisements
  • Launching new products with new signs and new designs
  • Legal actions by amending signs and designs
  • Drafting and checking contracts, especially licence agreements, co-existence agreements, non-disclosure contracts, prior right agreements, research and developments agreements

The law firm perceives herself as an outsourced legal department, which especially continuously accompanies companies on the daily business with its problems, changes and developments. The main goal is to secure own rights, avoid infringement of third party’s rights, and in general avoid legal mistakes, all this under the criterion of efficiency and profitability.



In controversial disputes the best way often is a pragmatic, commercial and mutual solution.

If this is not possible, court actions must be taken, especially in cases of

  • Infringement of signs (trademarks, names, firms, domains, work titles, business names) and designs
  • Infringement of author rights and copyrights
  • Unfair competition disputes


Application, Maintenance, Protection and Enforcement of Trademarks and Designs

This implies:

  • Searches (worldwide) whether a sign is available or a design is new
  • Application of intellectual property with the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich, the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva (WIPO) or the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante (EUIPO) including representation in opposition procedures in all offices and through all instances up to the Federal Patent Court (BPatG) as well as national applications and oppositions worldwide together with local lawyers of the well-established and approved network
  • Current survey of intellectual property rights concerning conflicting applications of third parties
  • Opposition to conflicting intellectual property rights of third parties in the trademark offices and courts
  • Renewal and extension of intellectual property rights
  • Cancellation procedures in the trademark offices and courts
  • Drafting and checking licence agreements
  • Deposition of trademarks at the custom as protection against trademark piracy
  • Confiscation of infringing products of third parties (trademark piracy)
  • Deposition of trademarks at the Clearing House to use sunrise periods for new domain levels
  • In-house training courses of employees in the marketing or legal department concerning administration procedures (intellectual property) and organisation of the legal department